View Full Version : WIndows Media Player: Radio Stations

02-04-2002, 03:54 PM
Problem#1 : Windows Media Player 7.1 and new radio stations

I installed WMP 7.1.
Then I went to connect it to a favourite web radio station like BBC World Service.
But I can't.

The WMP Help file says:
To create a list of your own preset radio stations
1--Click the Radio Tuner feature.

2--In the Presets area, click the down arrow button, and then click My Presets.

3--Click the Search button in the right pane to find the radio stations that you want to add to your preset list.

4--In the Advanced Station Search dialog box, enter any information that you want to use to find the radio stations, and then click Find.

5--Click the radio station, and then click Add.

The problem is that step 2 yields only a list item called Radio Presets (not My Presets) and clicking on that achieves zilch. So I cannot see how to follow the Help file instructions.