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02-04-2002, 02:05 PM
I was sent a naughty pic and saved it to a folder, named blocked senders (to stop wandering eyes) When I went to retrieve it, it came up saying the folder could not be displayed due to not enought room on my pc, this was wrong as I had recently reformatted and there was plenty of room. I cant send or receive in outlook and I cant open any other folders including inbox, sent items etc.
I have run scan disc, checked ie for errors, and even freed up more space on my hard drive, I have to go into Xtra Mail to send or receive mail, and this can be annoying as country phone lines are very slow

Please help :o(

02-04-2002, 03:06 PM
Hi. You could try this... right-click on My Computer, click Explore, then browse to the Blocked Sender folder. Right click on the 'naughty' file, then drag it to another folder, such as My Documents for example. I suspect this may cure the problem, and whatever you do with the file from then on you can decide. If this doesn't work, I'd suspect that there is a virus attached to the 'picture'. If you advise a little more about your system info - ie - Windows 98 etc, and what was the picture's file extension - .jpg? then we might be able to give better advice.

Also request that the sender of the picture do a good system anti-virus scan, as you yourself should too.

03-04-2002, 12:41 PM
What exactly did the errer say? Was it something to the effect of 'insufficiant memory' if so, the problem is not lack of space on the HD, but lack of RAM. This is a common one with outlook express.. My guess is that it tries to open the entire folder into the RAM, as each folder is one file. If there is insufficiant RAM, then it will complain bitterly. The solution is to shut down EVERYTHING you dont need, thus freeing up the RAM on your machine, hopefully then you will be able to open the folder, and prune it a bit. I suggest saving the images in these messages somewhere else, and then deleting the messages alltogether. Not long ago i had a problem with outlook not being able to open my inbox for similar reasons, and i run 256 meg of RAM. Microsoft seem to build software with the belief that the simpist task should be performed on the most grunty machine and use every resourse avilable.
I hope this helps.