View Full Version : Customising Word Toolbars

10-06-1999, 02:56 PM
Customising Toolbars

Toolbars can be customised to display only the buttons that you use on a regular basis. You do this by adding, removing, or copying buttons from one toolbar to another.

To delete a button, hold down the Alt key and drag the button off the toolbar. To move a button, hold down Alt and drag the button to its new location -- either on the same toolbar or on another toolbar. To copy a button, hold down the Alt-Ctrl key combination while dragging the button.

Toolbars can be moved from the top of the window to the left, right or bottom of the screen. They can also 'float' on the screen like small windows. To move a toolbar, click and hold down the mouse button anywhere in the gray background area of the toolbar, then drag the bar to the new location on screen and release the mouse button. To move it back to the top of the screen, click-and-drag it to the top of the window until the gray outline changes to a long box, then release the mouse button.