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02-04-2002, 01:53 AM
ASS Maker v3.1 [284k] W9x/2k/XP FREE


'Are you tired of Spam? Do you own a site with your or your company's e-mail address listed anywhere in it? Then ASS Maker can help you. ASS Maker writes a JavaScript for you that can be copied and pasted into your code in the place of 'mailto' tags. [It] disguises the tags and your address with several JavaScript parameters. When a visitor clicks that link, the script launches the visitor's default e-mail program with your original address in the 'To' field, but the spammer bots and spiders can't see it! Tucows refused to publish / review ASS Maker due to a so called 'inappropriate name.' To whom it may concern, 'ASS' means Anti- Spam Script here.'