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10-06-1999, 02:54 PM
Transposing data in Excel

If you want to rearrange a column of Excel data into a row or vice versa, you can use one of two Transpose features: The Paste Special... command or the Transpose() function. To use the Paste Special... command, first copy a columnar range of data, such as cells A1:A10. Then, select the leftmost cell in a row where you want the results to be displayed, such as B14. Issue the Edit/Paste Special... command, select the Transpose check box, and click OK. Excel will create a copy of the entries only laid out across cells B14:K14.

To use the Transpose() function, first you select the range B14:K14 and enter the function =Transpose(A1:A10) as an array. To do this, hold down the key combination [Ctrl][Shift] as you press [Enter]. The resulting rowwise array will display the data in cells A1:A10. The advantage of using the Transpose() function rather than the Paste Special... command is that the formulas remain linked to the original cells.