View Full Version : Colour changes to icons

31-03-2002, 08:58 PM
The icons on my shortcut 'toolbar' have changed from their, in most cases, blue colour i.e. Real Player, Internet explorer 'e' to either a green colour (real player) or a maroon colour. This is also true of some of the drop down menu's.
I have tried a degausse but this has no effect. It has been suggested that I reinstall the video drivers. Does that make sense?
Everything seems to work okay.
I'm using Win 98 and IE 5.

31-03-2002, 09:25 PM
are you sure it is just the icons?
When you look at images that you have stored on your machine, or at a familiar webpage are they normal? If not it might be time to donate your trusty monitor to the job of stopping that big ol' door from opening in the wind, however it could also be that the cable is not pluged into the video card properly, sometimes if just one pin is not making contact, one of the colors will not fire.

02-04-2002, 10:01 AM
Thanks Chris
The monitor is new and all the images etc appear the way they should be.