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30-03-2002, 09:08 PM
Can anybody please tell me if there is any reason why i CANNOT have more than one internet connection. Probably a silly question but am still learning!!Scenario is that i have a laptop (work one) that has a different isp provider than my current home one of xtra -and the work one connects to the work system, can i just add another connection i.e Xtra without mucking up the dial up connection for work? Using win 95 on laptop.
In theory it should work shouldn't it? Or will a new connection just overwrite the existing one? Or default to it? surely not as it would be just like another program wouldn't it? And then i would just choose which one i wanted to connect with i presume?
Can anybody help? Thought i had better check with you people of experience first!

30-03-2002, 09:30 PM
Yes..you can have more than one connection on...but how does your laptop connect to the internet at work??? via a modem or through the network??

If it is via a modem just make sure you don't set the one you add as the default connection....

But!! the most important thing...check with the IT dept first (if you have one) just in case they have a VPN set up or anything that they might get grumpy about you mucking around with...never know, if you ask nicely they might set it up for you..

30-03-2002, 09:31 PM
There will be no problems of this.


30-03-2002, 09:41 PM
If your laptop dials directly into the internet via a modem then there is no problems, just create a new connection. You will have a default connection which might be your work dial up and then you might have a dial up to xtra which you will access by closing your work dial up connection and clicking the shortcut to your other connection.
If you connect to the internet via a work lan or network you will probably have to make arrangements with your computer staff to add a your own private dial up.
It will work, I use it already with a laptop running WinME

30-03-2002, 09:54 PM
Tazzie - Thanks for the help and also J M too!
One question Tazzie you mentioned the VPN - Whats is this? It does have VPN in the right bottom taskbar saying: VPN-1SecuRemote:idle.
Does this mean it will cause probs if i try to add the second dial up? Thing being i wanted to take laptop to my mums tomorrow and use my connection if i could add it!
Thanks heaps to all for the advice!! And yes it does connect via modem to work network system.

31-03-2002, 11:24 AM
Tazzie, J M & Gordon !!!
Thank you all for the help/advice and you were all so fast to reply too!!
Thanks for sharing - I and everybody else who uses this forum greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise.
Till next time. Bit worried about this vpn thing, so will hold off till next week at work now i think - just in case!THANKS

31-03-2002, 12:52 PM
Just to reiterate what the other said - yes, you can have as many dial-up connections as you like (I have 5) - and so long as your laptop is disconnected from the VPN (Virtual Private Network) there is no prob at all using the alternate dial up, from either work or any other phone line.