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30-03-2002, 11:06 AM
so first of all how many prots are suppose to be in a computer????

cauz iam running win98 , 900mhz , 10 gb hd , lucent win modem .

i could not install my modem on windows 98 what happens is when after installing my modem i got to make a new connection and after i dial it goes error 630 please check your phone line if it is connected to your modem
what is this ????
my phone line is always connected to modem

although my modem works on winddows me ,nt , xp

my computer came with windows 98 and a modem installed in it

30-03-2002, 11:35 AM
Are you trying to connect via the correct modem device? If it is using the wrong port, it won't hear the phone line.

You are sure that you have the phone cable in the right socket, not the phone one, yes?

I would consider removing any modem definitions that shouldn't be there, to avoid confusion.


30-03-2002, 05:25 PM
A Lucent win modem, needs to install a virtual com port, usually com3.

It usually does this when it installs the wave device for the modem. Do you recall if it installed a 'wave device' directly after the modem was detected and installed?

Goto 'add new hardware' in control panel, and let windows search for new hardware, it may find a wave device is not installed, and you will then be able to install it. You will need the driver disk though.

You can then test if your modem is working, by going to control panel/ modems/ properties/ more info/ high light your modem/ and run diagnostics, from memory.

If a whole list of letters and numbers comes up, you are in business, the driver is working OK.

From then on, if you can't dialup, the problem is not your modem. But how you have configured your dialup, or if the phone line is plugged into the correct socket on the modem.

If windows can't detect your modem in diagnostics, then the problem is with your driver. In which case you need to remove the modem in 'device manager' and start again, by rebooting and letting windows detect the modem, this time making sure the wave device is installed.