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29-03-2002, 10:34 PM
My Wifes computer is doing things I have never struck before.
Task bar goes black. Can still see time.
Start does not open.
Windows explorer left pane is black,right OK.
Windows Explorer has no toolbar ie: files,edit, etc.
Internet Explorer also has no toolbar.
Have formated and reinstalled twice, the second time on a brand new harddrive. Did this cause I was told the hard drive was faulty by a computer repairer????
system devices sayes AOK
candisk AOK

Please can anyone give me a clue?

30-03-2002, 01:43 AM
Hi Peter,

Yes, it certainly sounds very strange! Especially as you have done all the obvious things. It does sound hardware related though. Could be flakey ram or a problem with the video card. But I'm guessing really. Maybe someone else might have some ideas? I have seen this sort of behaviour on odd occasions myself when a program causes a certain type of crash, but a reset always cures it. A suggestion: some motherboards have special utility programs that need to be run after installing Windows to configure the motherboard chipset, etc. Mine does, and I get very odd behaviour (DirectX problems) until I run the utility. I am running Win98SE on a Jetway Via chip motherboard. Maybe that is the problem?

Hope this helps,

30-03-2002, 07:02 AM
I saw something like this sometime ago also on a win98 machine, turned out to be graphics related. I cannot recall exactly what I did now but basically it came down to the graphics card being at a setting higher than what it could handle resulting in black icons etc as you mention.
Go though your control panel and look there under both monitor and anything else graphics related, also my computer / properties / performance / click the graphics tab and try reducing the grahic's accel and see if that helps.

30-03-2002, 10:37 AM
ya so looks like your system could have been hacked or got badley infected with a latest virus go to symantec.com and do a online virus check it might still wont detect your virus , because once trojans are infected any antivirus dosent detect it .

if u have any virus just backup your data and just format your disk and install windows 98 . cauz now a days you cant get rid of a virus unless u format ur disk

after u have installed windows again if dosent work then its definetly a hardware problem

30-03-2002, 10:25 PM
Did the system work OK for a time after the re-installs? If you are getting corruption on the disk, it could be due to having DMA enabled for the disk, while your hardware setup can not handle it - especially if you have a pci video card.