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28-03-2002, 01:18 PM
Just got the latest reference file update for adaware(now 25.03.2002) and it found another of those alexa keys in the registry.

These seem to come with ie6 as when i do a repair and another adaware scan they come back.

Who is alexa, what does she want and how many more friends does she have.

Also does q3 arena 1.31 point release have a built in nocd crack, as i just realised the disk is sitting on the table and I playing it without a problem.


28-03-2002, 01:30 PM
I didn't know Q3 required the CD to play even before the patch. I've got the CD but never needed to use it to play. But I don't know if it's required on network games.e.g like Star wars Galactic Battlegrounds requires a CD per 3 computers networked.

Still I'd best better get the new Q3 patch, as it has some good options.

28-03-2002, 03:36 PM

The link above is the home page for alexa which might explain what it is.

Off memory check your add/remove options in Control Panel, Alexa might be in there.


Right click on the 'A' logo in the upper left of the Alexa bar and pick 'Uninstall' from the menu

Hope that helps