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28-03-2002, 12:22 PM
Hi, I am hving major issues with a PC. It is a PII PC. All of a sudden one day, it stopped powering up. I purchased a new 128 RAM module and placed this in the PC, and removed the old modules (64 total) and the pc booted up all ok, now it has gone back to its old ways. Help. What is wrong, and what can I do to fix it.



28-03-2002, 04:56 PM
Hi Trent

You will have to be a bit more specific about the boot failure and also provide more details of you computer before anyone can really help you otherwise they are just guessing..

For example, how old is it, what OS & motherboard do you have, at what stage does the boot process stop and what is on-screen at the time. Are there any error messages, does it make any beep noises etc. Get the picture?

Anyway, did you take antistatic precautions before fitting your new RAM? Have you tried putting the old RAM back to se if it will work? As a matter of interest, you should be able to use the 128 & 64 to give you 192 MB, thats what I hve in my old faithful P166.

Also, you could try booting with your startup disk (emergency disk) and see what happens as it could be a hard disk problem.


Billy 8-{)

28-03-2002, 05:04 PM
Thanks for that,

The PC is PII 350 odd,
OS is Win 98. ATX power supply

The machine was not powering on at all, absolutly nothing. No power to the motherboard or other devices.

At the time it had only the 64 Ram in it, I purchased the 128 later.

I have also put in another power supply and this does not work either.