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09-06-1999, 02:19 PM
FIrst time caller...
I have a refresh problem with text which disappears as I type in any typing situation (including this one). I have a S3 Virge (325) PCI card with 2Mb Ram (Windows 95, 6x86 Pentium 233 MMX, 96 MB Ram). I have downloaded the latest drivers from the Internet but to no avail. It did add another tab to my desktop properties - S3 Refresh - but that hasn't helped. The only way to continue is to, at each logon, change the refresh rate to anything else.
Any suggestions?
A possibly related problem is when I go to change the display resolution to anything other than my current 800x600 Truecolor(24 bit) the display turns to crap and is unreadable and only by pressing [ENTER] so that [CANCEL] is selected (blindly but the default fortunately) can the resolution be returned to the current status. If I reboot the machine whilst in the crap mode it does show correctly. A new graphics card? or redo my PC?
Help would be appreciated.
Excellent magazine by the way.

Blue Skies
Garth Lawless