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27-03-2002, 03:02 PM
I have a mail group and want to send it out NOT showing a the groups e-mail address at the top.

At present i have to change to Bcc: manually everytime i start a new e-mail for the group. Can i change the group properties to do this automatilly for me? (If i forget, it will show all the group e-mail address - not a good look).

And do i have to have anything in the To: field?

Cheers Wayne

27-03-2002, 05:12 PM
Have you tried this.

To send an e-mail message
On the toolbar, click the New Mail button.

In the To and/or Cc boxes, type the e-mail name of each recipient, separating names with a comma or semicolon ( ; ).
To add e-mail names from the Address Book, click the book icon in the New Message window next to To, Cc, and Bcc, and then select names.

To use the Bcc box, click the View menu, and then select All Headers.

In the Subject box, type a message title.

Type your message, and then click the Send button on the New Message toolbar.
If you have multiple mail accounts set up and you want to use one other than your default account, click in the From box, and then click the mail account you want.

If you are composing a message offline, your message will be saved in the Outbox. It will be sent automatically when you go back online.

To save a draft of your message to work on later, click the File menu, and then click Save. You can also click Save as to save a mail message in your file system in mail (.eml), text (.txt), or HTML (.htm) format.

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27-03-2002, 06:30 PM
I send out a news letter weekly and I send it To: myself & BCC: it to the news group. So my suggestion is send it to an address that it doesn't matter who sees it and BCC the new group.