View Full Version : Sharing a scanner on a network?

27-03-2002, 02:52 PM
Can you share a scanner accross a network and if yes how?

27-03-2002, 04:26 PM
To the best of my knowledge the answer is No....you cant scan across a network

27-03-2002, 04:30 PM
I've never thought of it, but it is probably *possible* for a SCSI one.

But why?

A scanner needs human intervention. You do the scan, then the FILE produced is available to the network.

But there seems no point to 'sharing' the device itself.

27-03-2002, 05:29 PM
Graham, I can think of a good reason to share a scanner. My daughter.

We have 2 computers in the same room. It could be quite handy to use the scanner from either one. Means I can get on with things I want to do on my machine - instead of getting kicked off whilst scanning progresses.

Be interested if there is an answer...

27-03-2002, 06:42 PM
I use to have Scan Manager and Scan Server software back on/in Windows 95 for a Parallel Scanner.

Can't quite remember what it was called but one computer acted as the server with the scanner on it and all the rest could connect to that computer as Scan Clients.

The Scan Manager just looks like your Print Manager showing progress of whats going on (progress and queue).

27-03-2002, 11:29 PM
If linux is an option (and your scanner is supported) you could use SANE: