View Full Version : Scan disk/ Degragmentation

27-03-2002, 11:04 AM
I was trying to scan my hard disk. My computer, after trying about 10 times displays a message saying some program is trying to write on hard disk, turn off some applications and try again. So I ran the Dr Watson which displayed message

If the Taskbar is behaving strangely, try exiting Multimedia background task support module.
Module Name: mmtask.tsk
Description: Multimedia background task support module
Version: 4.90.3000
Product: Microsoft Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

I killed the process mmtask.tsk and I did not get the message from Dr Watson. But I still can't scan and degfrag my hard disk. Any help would be appreciated. thanks. My compputer specs:
Duron 850, 128 RAM, Win Me