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25-03-2002, 08:11 PM
CPUFSB version 2.2.6 has been released. CPUFSB is a smaller version of CPUCooL that is used for altering the FrontSideBus only. The following is new:
New chipsets.
new PLL's added.
Grab it here <http://www.podien.onlinehome.de/CPUFSB.ZIP>.
CPUCool version is out with the following new stuff:
New AMD chipsets.
ITE87XX sensor fix.
minor bug fixes
Grab it here <http://www.podien.onlinehome.de/CPUCOOL9.ZIP>.
Techno-Garb have done their thing and modified the latest 28.32 nVidia Detonator drivers for Windows 2000/XP. These modifications give you all the features of the ASUS drivers using the latest version from nVidia. new to this set is the following:
- Include the latest reference code form Nvidia as well as the latest control code from Asus.
- Included in the setup, I added an option to apply either the ALI Magik1 AGP fix or AMD 761 BSOD fix (or neither).
- These seem to be the fastest drivers yet!
Grab the drivers here <http://www.maxreboot.com/technogarb/download.php>.
Activewin <http://www.activewin.com> has updated their Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Bug Fix list <http://www.activewin.com/outbound.asp?HeadlineIndex=7527&URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eactivewin%2Ecom%2Fwin2000%2 Fsp3bugs%2Eshtml> to include the KowledgeBase number and the full description for each bug. They also have the release notes <http://www.activewin.com/outbound.asp?HeadlineIndex=7530&URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eactivewin%2Ecom%2Farticles% 2F2002%2Fsp3betanotes%2Eshtml> for Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Beta.

Here's word on a problem that is affecting users of motherboards with ALi Magik 1 chipset and Nvidia XP Detonator drivers. For some reason, AGP is disabled with the latest Detonator drivers for motherboards that uses the ALi chipset resulting in a loss in performance. A solution for this has been found and can be read here <http://www.3dgpu.com/>.
ExtremeTech <http://www.extremetech.com> has taken a look at the new PCMARK2002 from MadOnion and found that the results are slightly less than accurate, especially the CPU range of tests. Their tests were conducted using a 478-pin P4 2GHz Willamette and a 478-pin P4 2GHz Northwood plugged into the same motherboard, with all other components being the same as well. Here's some of what they had to say:
Based on our single experiment, it's hard to make definitive conclusions, but it appears that the MadOnion PCMark2002 CPU test is not fully representing current application CPU usage by not showing advantages of larger L2 caches when it should, and not fully exercising all aspects of the CPU, including external interfaces. A lot of onboard logic is dedicated to the CPU's external interface to the chipset, and handling data flow in and out of the chip.
SYSMark2001/2002 and Business Winstone 2001 - other CPU dependent benchmarks - show a percentage gain of 7-9% in comparison while PCMark 2002 only manages 2%. For an in-depth article head on over to ExtremeTech.
BlindWrite Suite version 1.2.4 is out. Blindwrite Suite is a set of tools to reproduce or clone any CD even protected ones. Blindwrite Suite can create CD audio from MP3, and be use with an cd-rom emulator like Daemon Tools <http://www.daemon-tools.org/daemon_tools.htm>. The new version has the following changes:
Patin-Couffin Driver:
Under Win2K, XP - new driver design: PNP, support hot plugin/unpluggin of devices, support IDE, SCSI, USB up to 2.0, 1394.
Error -7 during installation is fixed (this error may occur if the INF file for the driver can''t be found)
XP no longer display warning for installing the driver
Driver is no longer considered as an unknown device, now, it is a VSO device ... Take a look at the management console.
Improved for robustness, and fine tuned for use with Windows XP.
Reorganized dialogs.
More images layout supported by the image verifier.
Image verifier is more robust.
TEAC 55 support redesigned (tested for multisession, audio, data).
Buffering improved : Better time accuracy, better reactivity to cancel, lesser consequences to read/write problems.
Reorganized dialogs
All Software:
Flatstyle controls line removed. Thank to Maik Porkert, the author of this great quality graphical design library. Take a look on Flatstyle's homesite, www.flatstyle2k.de.
Splash screen logo removed.
If you have any comment on the new design of the suite, let us know at support@blindwrite.com.
Grab the new version from Download here <http://www.blindwrite.com/download.htm>
If you are wondering what's going to be Unreal Tournament 2003, well you can hop over to Beyond Unreal and have a look at their Unofficial FAQ <http://cleaned.beyondunreal.com/UT2FAQ/UT2FAQ.htm> for the game.
Here's another method of getting the new nVidia 28.32 drivers to work with the refreshratefix program. This method is from MadOnion:

- Download the stereo 3d glasses drivers from nvidia.com and install them.
- Once installed reboot. - Go to /windows/sytem32/ director and delete all nvrs***.* files.
- Now go to nvidia display settings for new 'Stereo Properties' tab.
- Set 'Enabled by hotkey' then go to 'stereo setup and test' at bottom.
- Set all refresh rates to highest avaible available - best way is to set 640*480 to max then click 'set rate for all resolutions'. Do this for both 16bit and 32 bit.
- Now make sure u tick 'Always use refresh rate'.
IGN has published a hands preview of UT 2003. Here's part if it:
Each AI player is rated in terms of three main abilities. Accuracy measures how, well, accurate the bot is. Agility measures speed and mobility. This is the important skill for flag runners. The final skill, tactics, is a general rating that indicates 'how well the bot plays the game itself.' Things like maneuvering for position or choosing the right weapons for particular situations are governed by the tactics skill. (Each member also has a main weapon of preference.) Team members are further differentiated by attitude (aggressive, defensive, stealthy) and position (flag runner, offense, defense, roamer). 'I think a lot of people appreciated the skill of the bots in UT,' says James. 'This is definitely the next level in terms of AI.'
Check out the rest here <http://pc.ign.com/articles/356/356046p1.html>.
In their continuing crackdown on piracy, US authorities have made their first DVD bust. Read below:
The New York raid caught a relatively small fish in its net. Police said they confiscated two computer towers, 15 DVD burners, 1,208 copies of pirate DVDs and about $5,200 in cash. Only one person was arrested.

While many pirate operations do operate on this limited scale, authorities have shut down some many times larger. One of the largest found last year was in England, where police closed a lab containing more than 1,100 videocassette recorders making duplicate copies of movies.
Check the whole news story here <http://news.com.com/2100-1023-867314.html>.
There is an alpha copy of Sonique2 which has just been released. Sonique when it was in it's prime gave Winamp a run, but since it was bought out by Lycos things have died out giving the edge back to Winamp. If your into cool MP3 players then download <http://files.sonique.com/sonique2/s2alpha_install_020322.exe> Sonique2 as this new version is pretty cool.

25-03-2002, 11:04 PM
Raining? where?

Just had the best 4 days of the summer here in Tauranga



26-03-2002, 01:20 AM
and damn its getting hotter here too... I thought this was supposed to be autumn, but its hotter now than it was the whole of summer :)