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24-03-2002, 01:02 PM
Microsoft has altered it's software roadmap to include an upgrade to Windows XP, called Windows XP SE. The change is to allow for a longer development time for the next OS codenamed Longhorn and it's new native database file store system. Windows XP SE will be a patch release that will include such items as the essential .NET client-side plumbing: the common language runtime (CLR), Internet Explorer 7.0 and DirectX 9.0, and a mature Bluetooth stack. You can read more on the new update here <http://www.theregus.com/content/4/24406.html>.

There are new nForce Ethernet Drivers out for Windows 2000 and XP. The version number is 2.23 and they are available here <http://cal003104.student.utwente.nl/nForce/ether2.23.rar>.

Got an Audigy and what to install the applications on the Audigy CD individually without having to run the autorun installer. Here's how:
Let's take PlayCenter for an example:
1. Copy Playcenter folder Player3 from (CDROM) Folder : AudioEnglish
2. Open Setup folder in same directory
3. Copy the following 3 files:
4. Optional you can delete the following files so it wont nag about registration:

PC-Extreme have tested the new official Detonator Drivers against other versions of the Drivers using 3DMark 2001SE, Aquanox, Q3 and Unreal Tournament. The comparo is in german, but all you need to do is look at the graphs to see hw they faired. Have a look here <http://www.pc-extreme.com/artikel/detonator-test/detonator/>.
NVchips-fr have released a set of modded 28.32 Detonator drivers that support the nVidia refresh rate fix. So all you concerned downloaders out there, you can get them here <>.

Asus has released version 27.42 Detonator Drivers and new WDM video capture drivers 1.11 for their video cards under all Os's. grab em from the links below:.
- Windows 2000/XP <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/TREIBER/VGA/V8xx0/win2xp_2742.zip>
- Windows 9x/ME <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/TREIBER/VGA/V8xx0/winme9x_2742.zip>
- Windows NT <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/TREIBER/VGA/V8xx0/nt40_2742.zip>
- WDM Capture drivers <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/TREIBER/VGA/V8xx0/WDM1_11.ZIP> (All OS)
VisionTek has released new drivers for it's video cards based on the new 28.32 Driver set. Get em below:
Windows 9x/ME <http://download.visiontek.com/download/2832W9X.zip>-
Windows 2000/XP <http://download.visiontek.com/download/2832W2K&XP.zip>- Windows NT <http://download.visiontek.com/download/2832NT4.zip>

Here's a disturbing press release:
AUSTIN, TX?After 18 years of striving, Dell Computer finally reached its long-stated goal to be the worldwide leader in computing systems Monday and promptly ceased operations.
'We did it,' founder and CEO Michael Dell said. 'Back when I started this company, I vowed that I would not rest until we revolutionized the way computers are sold. Well, at long last, that day is here. Bye.'
Researchers at Microsoft are working on new types of passwords that will be easier for people to remember but harder for hackers to crack. The new type of password is images, that's right images, these are more likely to leave an impression on people than strings of text. Here's a bit more:
Darko Kirovski, a cryptography and anti-piracy researcher at Microsoft, demonstrated a prototype password system at Microsoft offices in Mountain View, California, on Wednesday.

On a screen full of images of different country flags, he clicked on a number of points within the images that correspond to specific pixels. The series of pixels is then converted into a random number and stored in the computer, he said.

Users simply remember exactly where on the images they clicked and in what order.
Read the full story over here <http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=581&u=/nm/20020322/tc_nm/tech_passwords_dc_2>.

PS The story on Dell was another satire piece similar to the one on Bill Gates dying. Read the whole thing here <http://www.theonion.com/onion3810/corporation_reaches_goal.html>

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