View Full Version : PCWorld NZ Cover Discs - Index of all discs

19-03-2002, 11:01 PM
After hunting through my PCWorld Cover disc collection for an old utility (finally found on Disc 6, April 1999) I decided to make an Access database index of the entire collection. Just before I started (unusual - these ideas usually happen just after finishing) I realised that it was likely that PCWorld would have an online index.

Nope. Not that I could find.

However, just because I can't find it doesn't mean it's not there. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or has anyone made an index they're willing to share?

Alan Carpenter

20-03-2002, 09:41 PM
Not a bad idea. Will ask.

However, a lot of stuff dates pretty quickly, so can be irrelevant very soon.

On line would be handy.


20-03-2002, 10:42 PM
I would be happy if they bothered to put an index on the CD listing the contents of that issue's CD. It appeared in the past, but they stopped. It's the only cover CD of all PC mags I have seen where they don't do this. Maybe its too hard - like checking version numbers. ICQ 4001 on the March CD....