View Full Version : how much is this worth?

19-03-2002, 02:26 PM
I want to sell my computer and my friend wants to buy it but we don't know how much for
It is a 700mhz with 64mb of ram and 15gb drive and a dvd and modem etc
Anyone suggest how much it might be worth so we don't rip each other off
thanks Bob

19-03-2002, 02:56 PM
Well I brought a Celleron 600 with 64meg of ram and a 10 gig HDD, & modem with onboard sound & Video for $500 (aus) a few months back. So you'll prolly be looking for a minumum $600 to $700 in general, but then I also brought a DVD player on the weekend for another PC for $110 (aus). Basically I'd settle for a $1000 or just under. But I'm talkiing Australian $ here.

Best of luck,


19-03-2002, 04:30 PM
AU$1000 is way to much. I would look at around NZ$700-900