View Full Version : jscript.dll invalid page fault

18-03-2002, 11:24 AM
My flatmates computer is a win98 machine. He recently installed some ram, and a generic network card. The network card had problems installing, but eventually seemed to be OK as the device manager said it was working correctly.

Since then however, whenever he opens any applcation which accesses the internet, he gets invalid page faults with in jscript.dll and occaisonally one or two others. His dial up connection works fine, but no apps can access it.

We discovered a resource conflict with the keyboard and motherboard, so changed the input/output range to fix.

Problem still not solved.

Tried uninstalling network card.

Problem still not solved.

Tried replacing jscript.dll from a friends win98 CD (flatmate has OEM version, and has previously erased his 'rescue' partition.)

Problem still not solved.

Tried reinstalling network card. Still won't install properly. (Comes up with errors, but if I click ok, it seems to install. I have exactly the same card under XP and it installed no probs without even needing the supplied driver disc (XP recognised it and had the drivers already)

Problem still not solved

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS, don't know if the card actually works, because we havn't hooked it up to our network yet.