View Full Version : Noisy modem after connection / Benchmark PC Test?

17-03-2002, 06:28 PM
My modem works but becomes noisy shortly after connection and stays noisy while on-line until the connection is broken.Any ideas ?
Secondly , is there an easy way to test performance on a PC? I am dissatisfied with a slow, crash-prone
Amd 450MHz with 186 Meg of RAM running Widoze 98 SE.

17-03-2002, 07:34 PM
Hi Tim

What sort of noise is your modem making, is it an internal or external modem.
I seem to remember an option to 'turn off speaker once connection is made' or something like that in modem properties or some such. Can't find it at the mo, see if you can find it. Otherwise if all else is fine turn your speaker volume right down: Control panel> Modem properties> General tag, drag the slider to the left. You wont hear the familier connection noise thingy anymore, but should do the trick otherwise.

Benchmark: <http://www.sisoftware.demon.co.uk/sandra/> copy & paste to browser address bar without the forward/back arrows. In standard version some modules are disabled.



18-03-2002, 04:42 PM

Re the slow PC, when did you last do a scandisk & defrag.

Cleaning out all your temp files, emptying your recycle bin, deleting all temporary internet files & other unwanted rubbish then defragging can do wonders. If you often add & remove programs you might also need to clean your registry.

There is a lot of housekeeping you can do before reformatting your hard drive & reinstalling your software becomes necessary.


Billy 8-{)