View Full Version : How to Label a CD, like labelling a Floppy disc

16-03-2002, 08:24 PM
When I copy data onto a CD, by default my program labels the CD with the current Date, eg 020316_2001 (E)
how can I change this to something more meaningful?
I right click on E drive ( my CD drive) but there is No option to Rename as per A & C drive.

Thanks in anticipation.....John

16-03-2002, 08:38 PM
Which program are you using John?


16-03-2002, 09:35 PM
Im using XP Home Edition, and MS Explorer.

The CD Creator is Prassi Primo CD, came with the PC

Thanks for replying


17-03-2002, 07:57 AM
WinXP, MS Explorer, CD Burner is what came with this PC, Prassi PrimoCD.