View Full Version : Hard Drive Defrag

06-06-1999, 03:49 PM
I am having some problems defragmenting my Hard Drive recently. OS is W95, and the HD is a Quantum 4.2GB drive. If under disk defragmenter I select 'Full Defragmentation', the process gets to about 72%, then seems to stall there for about 5 minutes, and then jumps backt to 68% where the process repeats itself over and over.If I select 'Defragment Files Only', or 'Consolidate Free Space Only', the process completes itself. A scan with scandisk in the 'Thorough' mode reveals no disk errors. All applications seem to work fine, and there appear to be no other problems witht he computer that I can detect. CPU is a Celeron 333, and I have 96MB of RAM. Scandisk worked fine up until a few days ago, when this problem first appeared. I defrag and check my Hard disk for errors once a week. Is it possible to over do this and cause some sort of permanent damage?