View Full Version : Muted sound when playing audio CD

04-06-1999, 02:40 PM
Have tried volume mixer combinations, loading and reloading original/new SB16pnp drivers, checking grey wire from back of CD but all I get is faint audio through speakers. When headphones connected to front of CD then sound through them(headphones) is fine. Also if I rip a *.cda to a wave file and play that the speakers are OK! It's just when playing a CD through the speakers. Additonal problem; cannot record the *.cda using say Cooledit but again can use Cooledit to modify a *.wav file held on the hdd.
System is Pll, 330mhz, 32x Atapi CDrom, powered speakers, W98.
Interestingly enough I can record using DAE through Audiograbber but I assume that uses the IDE bus(?).
I've scimmed the NG's on this one and it seems quite common a problem!
Any ideas will be gratefully accepted and the washing-up will then get done!