View Full Version : Inbcredimail backgrounds & message files

11-03-2002, 08:31 PM
I installed Incredimail last year and thoroughly enjoyed it until I discovered that every message I sent had a tiled background, that is, instead of one group of birds in a corner of the page, it had the same image repeated several times. This makes the message hard to read. I did experiment with the trial version of Incredimail's Letter Creator and think I have somehow used that to change the default settings.

In desperation I uninstalled the program, having first put the Message Store on a seaparate disk and then downloaded and installed the latest version of Incredimail.

Now I have two problems:
1. The tiling continues
2. I can't access the old messages. They all had Windows icons on them and when I changed the icon to the Incredimail one, they wouldn't open. Now I can't change the icons back again to try something else.