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09-03-2002, 02:07 PM
I am almost reluctant to post this query, as everyone one this forum seems to be operating on a much higher plane than myself! So, please bear that in mind when responding to my question - step by step if possible!

I have bought a package from (cringe, after having read posts from a few weeks back) PC Company. It includes a Vuego scanner and I have absolutely no idea how to use it. I went to an Introduction to Scanners class where all sorts of wondreful possibilities were shown to me of what I can do, but the two programmes running were for either topline Hewlett Packard or cheapie Canon scanners.

My computer was supposed to have come with everything preloaded, but when I click on My Programmes to find a scanner programme there are options for 'Scan Button' or

Can somebody please explain to me how to do a scan? All I really want to be able to do is make attachments for emails or put a picture into a document in Word, say.

In simple terms please?! Many tas.

09-03-2002, 04:36 PM
I don't have the software you mention but my neice back in New Zealand does, I have had a play with hers in the past and off memory what you seek will be in one of those two buttons you mentioed.

Place a photo for example in the scanner and then click the icon.

By the way where is the icon, on the desktop or in the system tray bar where the clock is ?

If it is on the desktop or in the Start>menu section, just click it (double click on the desktop) and see what opens and play with it, if it is in the sys tray, right click once and have a look at the options and work your way through them till you discover what does what.

Off memory one or more of them should launch the program and that will also give you additional options such as adding in borders etc.

There are better ways to look at this though.

What other graphic related programs are you running, eg, PaintshopPro, Adobe PaintShop, to name just a couple. There is also the Paint and I think one called Imaging that comes as part of windows as well.

Take for example either of the first two though the same should apply to many other third party graphics software, there should be a option(s) to import from a scanner into that program totally bypassing the Scan button and Mirascan you mentioned, the image would be scanned and imported directly into for example PaintshopPro from where you could edit and save and a heap of other things all in one go.

If you want further help write back to here and post your email if possible and I will write directly and see if we can get you on the way to scanning heaven

09-03-2002, 06:00 PM
Please ask away Linda, this is what Press F1 is supposed to be about.
The site address below is one of the best for tips on scanning, on the left hand side of the opening page there is a list of commonly used software, including MiraScan, with 'how to' information and screen shots of software.


Before this though,you may need to find a helpful friend to stand over your shoulder to provide a bit of direct help, just to check that the scanner is correctly connected and that the software provided is working ok, and that the scanner is being detected.
Incidently Canon scanners are very good.

09-03-2002, 06:07 PM
You darling chaps! Gordon, I have found MS PhotoIt loaded which seems to do bits and pieces and I have even just managed to attach a scanned picture to an email and send it! At the class, the tutor showed us how to change pics to jpg from bmp, which takes up less space, but how do I do that on my system?

Terry - if only I had a friend who knew all the ins and outs, I wouldn't need to post here!

I am grateful for your help.

09-03-2002, 06:21 PM
Linda, never hesitate to ask questions here, there's a great bunch of patient people who are always willing to help.

I think a bit of experimenting is called for in your case: get a picture, put it on the scanner glass top, shut the lid then click on that Scan button you mentioned in your My Programs folder and see what happens.

Hopefully the scanner program will load and run itself and maybe offer you some options as to the results you want, eg black and white picture, the format, type of original (magazine print, glossy or matt photo, text, etc) and so on. You should also have an opportunity to decide where you want the results to go, as sometimes programs save things in their own folders rather than in your My Documents, where they should go.

Once it has scanned, you can play with your picture in your imaging program, one which hopefully came with your scanner. Click on that MiraScan shortcut to see what is in there.

One more important thing: whatever you do, don't go emailing the results straight after a scan because the file size will be far too large. You will need to reduce the file size in your imaging program first, by converting your pictures into jpeg files. A good link for info is here:


Finally, pluck up your courage and have a good explore around your machine, you never know what you might find!

09-03-2002, 06:29 PM
Oooops, Terry beat me to it LOL. I had just come back to post that scanning site that Terry recommends, it's a very good one for getting going and for answering your questions regarding file formats. The MSPhotoIt should be able to do conversions for you. Just have a good look in its Help contents and play around with it.

09-03-2002, 11:15 PM
Does your Desktop have an Icon called 'Prestol PageManager', if so click on this and you will have your scanning programme come up.

09-03-2002, 11:29 PM
I have the same software as you do - MiraScan V4.02. If you go to Programs/MiraScan the side pop-up menu should list the following files: Bundled.pdf and ScanBtn.pdf. You may have to hover your curser over the double arrow symbol to make them appear. By clicking on these files a how-to-it instructions should open up. Have a read of them, they should help you out.

Happy scanning!