View Full Version : Unwanted program runs on start up

03-06-1999, 12:02 PM
Some weeks ago I downloded from the net an MP3 music player 'Music Match Jukebox'. After a while I noticed when using it to listen to tracks the PC often froze. I attempted to delete it using 1/4Deck Cleansweep Deluxe Uninstall. Whilst I have deleted anything visibly to do with 'Jukebox', and checked under Microsofts' Install/Uninstall Programs, it still attempts to install itself every time the PC is switched on. This is very annoying and takes several mouse clicks to get back to the normal desktop as Cleansweep fires in monitoring the installation process.

Please help me to rid my PC of 'Music Match Jukebox' forever.

Things you might want to know:
Dell Dimension XPSM233S Pentium MMX
64 Mb Ram, 4 Gb Quantum drive, Creative AW32 soundcard, Matrox Millenium II 4Mb non 3D video card, Windows 95 OS.

Many thanks in advance!

P.S. Dell weren't very helpful in suggesting that I re-install Windows, something that I am loathe to do and not without (expensive) professional help.