View Full Version : Recovering Thumb Nails and other Data in Web View of Win 98

02-06-1999, 11:37 PM
Thank you for your numerous tips over the last few years which have helped me greatly.
The problem I have is similar to one you printed a response to in the June mag however Not only do I not get a thumbnail view on the left side of the pane I now do not get any of the info which was once there either. For example after opening 'My Computer' if I clicked on any of the drives listed a little pie chart would appear showing me how much space was used and how much was not. If I clicked on a file its name and file size used to appear along with a thumbnail pics if it was a graphics file. Alas I no longer have these useful things happening. I have tried everything I could think of, switchinf back to a 'classic' look then reinstigating 'web-style Tweak UI proved to be of no use as did the system configuration tool.Do I need to reinstall Win 98 to get these back? Or is there some small box I appear to have inadvertantly unchecked? I have checked the regedit values and they appear to be correct ( as per June issue)It just seams that Win98 doesnt want to show this information in the window below the title anymore.
Can you please suggest something as I suspect that Allan Gauntlett also has the same problem as I do.

Also Juha seems to have had the same problem that I have with IE5 corrupting my cut and paste commands. How do I fix things? Reinstall a new copy of IE5 over the old one or remove it? If so how do I save my mail files or will they be automatically saved?

Hope you can help

Tony Austwick