View Full Version : IE 6.00 and Outlook Express problems

05-03-2002, 09:26 PM
I recently upgraded a 433mhz Celeron, 64megs RAM from Win 95 to Win 98 SE. That upgrade went fine without too many problems. Next I preceeded to upgrade IE 5.50 to IE 6.00
using the Feb 2002 NZ Pcworld CD-ROM, this appeared to work fine. Now to commect to my ISP, Paradise.Net, that worked fine. Here's were the fun begins. The Internet Explorer icon was double clicked and i was promptly given 'The page cannot be displayed' message. Other WWW addresses were tried with the same message appearing.
Now for Outlook Express 5.
When the Outlook Express icon is douvle clicked and an attempt made to retrieve email, the following message appears 'An error occured loading TCP/IP Account pop3.paradise.net.nz, Server pop3.paradise.net.nz, Protocol pop3, port 110 Secure (ssl)no, err nnumber 0x800ccc43'
I actaully restored back to IE 5.50 but are receiving the same error. Any Ideas?