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03-03-2002, 11:18 PM
My friend's mum just upgraded their computer. Since I am getting this information from her (my friend) and not her mum it's harder for me to piece it together.

The cost was somewhat in the $1000 area. The upgrade was from a P2 machine to a celeron. I can't give full specs since this is unknown by my friend.

From this information already I could say you can pick up a new PC with a celeron 1GHz for this price since your not buying the monitor, keyboard, speakers, mouse, modem and anything else that I may have missed.

I would have liked to have seen an invoice with a breakdown in part prices and labour costs. I am uncertain what this is as her mum has it all.

Do they show this breakdown pricing? They would show details of what they did right?

Another thing was she told me this strange beeping noise was coming out of the case. I told her it was overheating as I have heard it before and she said no it must have been something she did.

Anyway they got the technician who put the PC together and I was right about it overheating. Instead of what I expected she said he installed a software called Safe Guardian or something which must be a type of CPU cooling program. Is that satisfactory? I am not sure why a celeron would overheat since it was an upgrade and surely the heatsink and fan for the supposedly new CPU would have been efficient (all Intel CPUs come with heatsinks and fans that I know of). My concerns would be an overclocked old celeron CPU made out to be a higher speed.
This technician is a friend of their family and I am really not impressed. I knew about they were getting their computer upgraded and they told me the price and I told them what they should expect. They really didn't have a clue what he was going to do. They just had to wait and see.

If they are upgrading your parts can you get them back? I know from watching Target that you can get parts that were repaired given back to you. Is this the same thing?

I am sure the parts that were supposedly replaced (I am using supposedly because nothing could have been changed apart from the CPU) could have a value of $200-300.

I have offered to take a look at their PC now but they still refer to the friend of the family 'computer technician'.

I am still annoyed by what has happened. I wish I had more information on the situation but I can't get anything more out of them yet.

03-03-2002, 11:48 PM

I would have to feel sorry for your friend's mum and your friend.

I think the reason why he didn't open the case was the obvious. I could be wrong but no it's not satisfactory to run a CPU cooling program when the correct thing would most probably check to see if the fan was spinning and the heatsink was sitting there with thermal compound instead of the cheap thermal tape. Even though the alarm was going off it all depends on what is the reasonable and the unreasonable temperature for your CPU to run at.
As for invoicing. A breakdown in price parts should be shown and also a small detailed summary of what was performed as this would be your evidence in case none of this was done.

Unless he does work as a technician as a career he may have not provided an invoice since he is a friend of the family. Information like this don't usually happen unless they are professional. Did they get more information on how he fixed the overheating problem? That would require him to state what he did and give it to them. I can't see how he would be acting professional.
About getting your parts back. I am uncertain about the consumers act on this but to me I think they should be entitled to it unless it's stated otherwise. You still own the parts because you paid for them and an upgrade is really just getting new parts fitted.

Even if they state otherwise the consumers act can still take place.

04-03-2002, 12:10 AM
just to add to kame...get another tech to look at it. if they stuffed up something as simple as the cooling then there is likly to be more things wrong. get a report done on what it is and get them to compare it to what they paid for.

04-03-2002, 12:37 AM
I think you got burnt man... Sorry...

Installing cooling software is NOT a satisfactory solution by any stretch of the imagination. It take a lot to make a Celeron overheat - at 700mhz they run at around 30 degrees, not even hot enough to need a fan...

For it to be beeping it is probably getting near 70 degrees, which could almost be solved by blowing on the damn thing! Not that that is a good solution either.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would have just stuck a half decent heat sink and fan on it... Besides which, for $1000 for a box only, you should indeed be getting something around the 1Ghz mark, and probably it'd come with around 256MB RAM, and a decent HD (20GB-40GB)... you can check these things by looking for the CPU speed at startup, right clicking on 'my computer' and selecting properties, to see how much ram there is... And for the Hard Drive go to 'Start', 'Programs', 'Accessories', 'system tools', and then 'Drive Space'...

If drive space isn't there, you could install it, but it's easier to go to 'Start', 'Run', type 'Command' and in the window type 'cd..' until it says 'C:/' then type 'dir'...

At the bottom it will list the total number of MB free, which will give you a pretty good indication...

If you're running anything under 800mhz, less than 20GB HDD, or less than 128MB RAM, I suggest you go and talk to the chaps at fair go...



04-03-2002, 08:17 AM
Another thing that should be considered firly urgently is, the warranty. If this motherboard cost $1000 which sounds a tad on the expensive side? then we have to assume it is new? and therefore would have a warranty and if it is over heating or some other malfunction owing to incorrect installation then you could find yourself with a voided warranty and a even bigger repair bill to fix this and any other resulting damage.