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03-03-2002, 09:18 PM
Evening All

A New! Improved! copy of The Hardware List is on its way. Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow I'll be sending it to Heather.

I've added a dozen or so Auckland sites and tidied things up quite a bit.

Quite by chance I discoverd that Google has an excellent directory of hardware review sites, so I've put a link to that in the sheet and removed all the review site URLs.

After some investigation I've managed to find a way to check all the links automatically and mark the bad ones, which addresses one of the tedious aspects of maintaining the sheet.

This being the case, I'm prepared to consider reinstating the regional sites.

So here is an open invitation: If anyone would like to 'champion' their area, please download the spreadsheet at: <http://www.details.co.nz/suppliers/> and have a look at the format. You have to have at least Excel 97 and preferably Excel 2000.

I would be looking for someone to survey and review the sites in their town/region and provide the details to me. I would then take over the maintenance, which would mean primarily checking the links every so often.

It seems a pity to only cover Auckland (my home town) and Christchurch (thanks to Susan B), when so many of you come from other parts of the country, but I've got enough on my hands with the 50+ Auckland sites, so if no one wants to do another area, they won't get done.

Over to you.

If you prefer not to post here, you can send an email to nzjohncalvert@hotmail.com



03-03-2002, 09:40 PM
Hi John,

If you send it tomorrow - it'll be after 10pm by the time I'm home (Monday is 2 Job day. Busy.)

I look forward to seeing it.