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03-03-2002, 10:25 AM
Morpheus Preview Edition (2.0) will be released Friday, offering enhanced pabilities, a new, easy-to-use interface and access to more search results. MusicCity is also saying that Morpheus will remain free of spy ware.

For all you Britney Spears perverts, don't open that email full of pics, because it contains a virus! CNET. Is seeing Britney nude really worth a virus?<http://news.com.com/2100-1023-848655.html>

3D Spotlight has posted up a GeForce 1/2/3 and 4 Videocard Tweaking Guide. Showing that any of the cards from nVidia are some of the more configurable Graphics cards around, with dozens of settings available to set in the Drivers. The guide takes you through using one utility to configure your NVIDIA Graphics card as well as other troubleshooting/ BIOS information.<http://www.3dspotlight.com/tweaks/geforce/index.shtml>

The 3D Spotlight Forums have posted a thread the tells you How To Install Red Hat 7.2 And Set It Up For a Dual Boot With Windows XP. Check out the thread here and then get Linux at Redhat.com.<http://www.3dspotlight.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=214>

OC Melbourne obviously have a fair bit of time up their sleeves as one of their scribes has posted an article on How To Make Your Mouse Glow. Here's a clip:

This little article basically illustrates the methods which I used to make a funky looking mouse in a very ghetto- style el-cheapo way.
I came up with this idea just sitting here at my computer staring at my cheap 'ol funky mouse, and as I was thinking about how much cooler a IntelliEYE Explorer will look in its place, I got thinking, how cool that mouse would look if it was to say..glow!<http://www.ocmelbourne.com/tutorials/mousemod/>

Microsoft has announced that they will be distributing Windows XP SP1 late this year. Here's part of the announcement made over at the Windows Supersite.
But Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) will consist of more than just bug fixes: The company tells me that it will contain new Mira and Freestyle technology, a number of changes required by its proposed settlement with the US Department of Justice, and any critical updates that have been issued since XP shipped last Fall.
'Microsoft is working towards delivering Service Pack 1 for Windows XP in the second half of this year,' the representative said. 'SP1 will roll up critical updates and contain enabling technologies for 'Mira' and new types of PCs like the Tablet PC and the 'Freestyle' enabled PC. It will also include the changes required by the consent decree with the DOJ and the nine states. More information about SP1 will be available soon.'
Read the rest here.<http://www.wininformant.com/Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=24323>

Hercules has released new version 4.10 drivers for the Game Theater XP. The driver pack updates the Game Theater XP control panel and driver. Here's a full list of the changes:
Improved 3D sound rendering
New Sensaura librairies
Analog inputs now sent to the S/PDIF output port in ?Main outputs? mode
Enhanced S/PDIF input port recording
Improved DLS MIDI synthesizer
Fixed miscellaneous game issues
Grab the drivers from the following links:
- Windows 9x/ME (15.3 MB)<ftp://ftp.hercules.com/sound/exe/GTXP/GTXPv410.exe>
- Windows 2000 (15.3 MB)<ftp://ftp.hercules.com/sound/exe/GTXP/GTXPv410.exe>
- Windows XP (15.3 MB)<ftp://ftp.hercules.com/sound/exe/GTXP/GTXPv410.exe>

Matrox has released a new drivers for the G200 to G550, with or without MMS but excluding Hardware Marvel products. The drivers are for Windows 9x/ME and 2000/XP. Here are the changes:
Main Fixes in 9x/ ME drivers
Screen corruptions in sound forge
Texture problems in Flight Sim 2002
C++ runtime error in pdesk when switching languages
resolutions are cut off when using 2 dfp's.
Medal of Honor Allied Assault performance
Main Fixes in W2K/XP drivers
NASCAR 4 will not close when exiting the game.
Running the configuration from the NASCAR 4 graphics menu
Texture problems in Flight Sim 2002
AGP not available in XP. (G200 only)
triangular shapes coming from the back of tanks in Ghost recon.
Medal of Honor Allied Assault performance
Maya fatal error
Grab the drivers from the following links:
- Windows 9x/ME. v6.82<ftp://ftp.matrox.com/pub/mga/archive/win_9x/2002/w9x_682.exe>
- Windows 2000/XP v5.82<ftp://ftp.matrox.com/pub/mga/archive/win_2k/2002/w2k_582.exe>

Easy CD-DA Extractor, the digital audio extraction utility, version 4.6.9 build 3 is out for download. No word on the changes, but if you have used it before, no doubt you will want the new version from here.http://www.poikosoft.com/download.html

Fraps version 1.7 has been released. This is a program that will monitor your current framerates for programs utilising DirectX or OpenGL. This version has the following new additions:
1) Fraps now draws the counter for all DirectX and OpenGL games using simple polygons to ensure minimal overhead. The performance hit of running Fraps with your game should be under 1% in all circumstances.
Because of the above change, some older games (DirectX7 or earlier) that used to crash now work fine.
Advanced options have been added. It is now possible to disable the hotkeys for Screen Capture and Manual Logging. This is useful if your game already uses these keys for another purpose.
For the hardcore benchmarkers there is now the option to save the framerate to file every second. The log starts as soon as the first frame is drawn, and ends when no frame has been rendered for 10 seconds. You can take the results and import them into a spreadsheet to calculate whatever distributions/variances you like.
Grab it over here.<http://www.fraps.com/download.htm>

Ahead Software has released Nero There's no word on the changes yet and the download links are listed below:
Download #1<ftp://ftp.nero.com/Nero5578.exe>
Download #2<ftp://ftp2.nero.com/Nero5578.exe>
Download #3<ftp://ftp3.nero.com/Nero5578.exe>
Download #4<ftp://ftp4.nero.com/Nero5578.exe>
Download #5<>
Download #6<ftp://ftp2.2037.biz/hoqxh7/nero/Nero5578.exe>
Download #7<http://microlabs.org/ahead/nero55-b.cgi?dl=Nero5578.exe&mode=both>

NVmax 4.00.47 has been released with the following changes:
NVCrush 11 (nForce) graphics chip compatible.
Added 'infinite loop' fix for all Operating Systems running Det. 23.00 or higher.
Big performance boost on load and clock / color settings by switching to a different NVIDIA dll call. Indications also show this solves the problem whereby clocks and color controls fail on w98/ME due to two rundll calls operating as seperate processes - this caused nvmax to resume execution during first dll execution. Also as this method is faster color controls are now enabled to update in real time.
More memory optimisations, nvmax uses less memory than any other NVIDIA tweaker. Less than 500KB minimized and about 2400KB normal run. Faster start time.
Few other loose ends tied up.
NVmax detects Twinview cards and then enabled multi-monitor color controls. At this time when only one output is used on a TwinView card the card will not be reported as Twinview. This causes color controls to fail because NVmax presumes output #1 is being used whereas on Twinview cards you may use the secondary output as the primary. To temporarily get around this problem both Display 1 and 2 will be available no matter if your card has TwinView or not. We have asked NVIDIA for a solution to for output number detection and hope to have the matter resolved for next release.
A few Det 21.83 and lower issues on Win98/ME need to be fixed, nothing serious.
Refresh rates tabulation not enabled in this version.
A problem has been found which will cause overclocked values to be applied as default values upon startup. This is a problem in the NVIDIA drivers and NVIDIA Driver Dev. have been notified.
Click here to download NVmax.<http://www.charnleys.co.uk/NVmax4.exe>

Motherboard Monitor is out with the following changes:
IO driver:
- Stopped using Giveio
- Started using MBMIO - by CanSoft
- Should offer you to remove the Giveio driver
- VIA VT8233A Smbus support added
- Reliance Serverworks LE OSB5 Smbus support added
- Intel ICH3 Smbus support added
- Intel ICH3M Smbus support added
- Intel ICH4 Smbus support added
- Intel ICH4M Smbus support added
- Intel CICH Smbus support added
- RD2Pro support added
- LCP47M192 sensor chip support added
- W83637HF sensor chip support added - prelimenary
- AS99127F new version support added
- ADM9240 fan support added
- LPC47B27 fan support added *
- LPC47B37 fan support added *
- LPC47S42 fan support added *
- LPC47M13 fan support added *
- LPC47M10 fan support added *
- LPC47M14x fan support added *
- LPC47M15x fan support added *
- LCP47M192 fan support added *
- Sis950/ITE8705F high fan speed issue solved
- Winbond W83627HF high fan speed issue solved
- A7N266-E ghost sensor chip on Nforce smbus solved
* you need to check the 'scan $2E and $4E' on the advanced tab
- From short to long filenames
- Ignore Reset now default on (with clean install)
- comboboxes white background
- RD2Pro settings added at bottom of basic tab
- removed dimm spd info
- Issue solved with 1 entry in html high/low log
You can download MBM from one of the many links on this page.<http://mbm.livewiredev.com/download5.htm>

Microsoft have released a patch for Picture-It 2002. The patch fixes a problem that when you start Picture-It 2002, you may receive an error message similar to one of the following:
Pip.exe generates an error in gdiplus.dll. or
Pip.exe generates an error in Kernel32.dll. or
Pip.exe generates an error in Skchui.dll. or
Pip.exe generates an error in Mfc42.dll or
Visual C++ Runtime error abnormal program termination.
This behaviour can occur if you have more than 850 megabytes (MB) of RAM installed. Grab the patch here.http://download.microsoft.com/download/PictureItPublishing2/Patch/1.0/W982KMeXP/EN-US/PI19299.exe

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