View Full Version : MSPublisher and Clipart

27-05-1999, 06:46 PM
Please help me!
I am in charge of 13 networked PCs at the school where I teach. Apart from win 98, msword and works 4.5, I have also installed MSPublisher 98 on all of the machines. So that I can put all the CDs away, I attempted to load all of the clipart off of the MSPUB CD as per the setup instructions. Unfortunately, MSPUB insists on asking for the CD whenever I try to insert clipart that was originally off the CD. This is so frustrating. After wading through the Microsoft site for hours, I could find no mention of this wee problem. I know that others have had the same problems, but I haven't found the solution yet. Can anyone out there put some light on this subject (even Microsoft)? I have a try at deleting cag files, pointing to the files in MSWord, but MSPub is a pretty stubborn program! Also, is there a way of changing the default layout guides in MSPub?