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25-02-2002, 04:23 PM
Hey guys, you have given me great advice in the past and i hope you can help me now. I think my system is going to do something really weird and im going to lose all my info. Its got something wrong with registry and windows can't load (but it does). My question : can/how do i back up all my settings to floppy disk? Like when my system crashes and i have to reformat it again, can i put stick in the floppy and all my info can be loaded on?

25-02-2002, 05:09 PM
Hi RQ,

If you mean a windows backup disk, just put a blank disk in the 'A' drive and when Windows loads (if your having probs try safe mode) just right click on the 'A' drive and select Backup. This should back up your main windows settings.

For additional settings i.e cookies or general registory info from other progs plus other misc stuff, I just hook up a 2nd HD (but that's if you only have one handy) and move them across. Once I've done what I wanted I then swap what I want back.

Hope some of that helps.