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23-02-2002, 03:07 PM
i have a 56kbps modem and just about everytime i connect it is at 28.8kbps
now and then it is 30.1 or even 40 but it is consistant at 28.8
is there any way i can speed it up?

23-02-2002, 05:10 PM
Hi. ASSUMING you're using Win 9.x go to Control Panel, double click Modems, Highlight your modem, click Properties and check that the maximum speed is set to 115200. If it's not, change it. If it is, change it down to 57600. If there is no improvement keep it at 115200.

Now there are way too many things that can affect your modem's performance for me to list every single check, but there are equal many things you can try - first port of call would be your ISP's helpdesk or website, where you can check that your Network settings are configured correctly - Windows' defaults are almost always incorrect for NZ ISP's.

Next go to your modem manufacturer's website to see which (if any) extra settings may be required and applied.

Lastly, get back here with more (a lot) more info on your system and other relevant info.

Oh yeah, and be aware that your phone line can make a huge difference, so get Telecom to test it for resistance and ground noise, and very finally, try a search on F1 for previous postings on this very common subject.