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20-02-2002, 09:36 PM
Im stuck after using a photo program from a family member 4 her camera. Ever since I installed that program, Ive been unable to restore the default extensions for .jpg,.gif,etc..

I have also completely lost my thumbnail preview which I cannot preview my jpgs and gif files. Only bitmaps seem to strangely work.

I have tried changing the extenstions with IExplorer-nohome%1 etc..but it doesn't seem to also work.

Help? Is there a registry hack?

Win200pro Iexplor 5.0svpk2

21-02-2002, 12:15 AM

It might be a good idea to uninstall the offending program, but in any event, you don't say what the revised file extensions are for jpg & gif files.

Whatever they are, you should be able to rename them in Windows Explorer (not IE Explorer).

After doing that, if they don't open with your preferred program when double clicked, using Windows Explorer again, go to the folder where your photos are stored. Hold down the shift key and right click on one of the files you want to change. This will bring up a range of options including 'open with'.

Select that then choose the program you want to open those files with.

If this does not cover your problem you might need to post more detailed information as there is a fair amount of guess work needed to work out what you are talking about.


Billy 8-{)

21-02-2002, 09:38 AM
Ok Billy,

To be a bit more brief; lets say, I have already done all that! I have uninstalled the program 'PhotoSuite' and thus has left my .Jpg,gifs etc.. with out the (default)file extensions. I have tried the 'Open with' feature too.

I have used the 'File types' feature by deleting the .jpg,gif etc extension so that windows will recreate a new one; but since then, I have also lost the ability to preview my .jpgs etc.. in thumbnail view.

Im using Windows 2000.

21-02-2002, 09:19 PM

I have had that same prob myself so I created a Registry file everytime this happens; especially if you also loose the thumbnail preview.

If nothing changes; then log off or restart the computer.

(1)Log on as Administrator
(2)Copy all info in between the lines
(3)Paste into Notepad
(4)Save with a .REG extension

Use these two Reg files:

<< This Reg file will delete your current keys. >>







<<< This Regfile will restore all image files: .jpeg,.jpg,.bmp etc.. back to the default. >>>


'Content Type'='image/jpeg'



'Content Type'='image/jpeg'



'Content Type'='image/bmp'




'Content Type'='image/gif'



'Content Type'='image/jpeg'





21-02-2002, 09:26 PM
Note that the word REGEDIT4, is supposed to be under the -----Cut&Paste line----

22-02-2002, 07:52 AM
Thanks Justinr. This did the trick