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18-02-2002, 10:17 PM
Leadtek have released new Detonator Drivers for their range of video cards from the TNT ultra to the GeForce4 MX. The drivers are for Windows9x/2000/XP and include the Winfox utility. The download size is 14MB and they are available here.ftp://ftp.leadtek.com.tw/entertainment_graphics/020204_GFX/

CPUCooL version 7.0.12 has been released with the following new stuff:
KT266 should work now.
Small bug fixes.
Grab the new version here.http://www.podien.onlinehome.de/CPUCOOL9.ZIP

The Microsoft Power Toys for XP have been updated to include the Send To and Deskmenu facilities. Get them over at XP-erience http://www.xp-erience.org/ or here.http://www.warp2search.net/download.php?op=viewdownload&cid=6

Microsoft has released a Windows 2000: PCMCIA Device Driver Update patch. The patch resolves an issue with Toshiba laptops and their PC Card Controller, where it may power 3.3-Volt R2 PC Card at 5 Volts. This problem occurs because the driver for the Windows 2000 PC Card bus does not handle the voltage levels for R2 PC Cards correctlyand is discussed in detail at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q265296. Grab the patch here. http://www.microsoft.com/Windows2000/downloads/recommended/q265296/default.asp?FinishURL=%2Fdownloads%2Frelease%2Easp %3FReleaseID%3D36207%26area%3Dsearch%26ordinal%3D2 %26redirect%3Dno

NVmax 4.00.41 is out with these new items:
- Dramatic load time improvement for subsections [now no 'loading...' messages]
- Anti Alias S filter fixed.
- Added code to fix GeForce 2 mx400 ddr memory detection.
- Code to remove NVIDIA's old Windows startup routines. Perhaps NVIDIA would care to clean up its old mess for users that do not first uninstall old drivers
- GeForce 4 MX compatible. Please use this version for this card.
- Clocks startup on w9x drivers less than 25.00 fixed.
- Add force 16 Bit z-buffer in OpenGL
One issue:
Due to a problem with an exported NVIDIA function in 27.xx on W98/ME; clocks may fail. At the time of compile this included 27.20 and 27.30 but may not include 27.40+. This issue is on priority. Do not report it as the problem has been identified and a solution forthcoming.
Click here for the download http://www.charnleys.co.uk/NVmax4.exe

The Intel Application Accelerator version 2.0 has been released. This utility updates Windows XP, ME, 98 SE, 98, 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 to reduce the storage sub-system bottleneck - enabling faster delivery of data from the hard drive to the processor and other system level hardware. The Intel Application Accelerator replaces the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver. there is one issue with the new version for XP users:
Windows Logo Testing Message When Upgrading From 1.1.2 On Windows XP
If the Intel Application Accelerator version 1.1.2 is installed on a system with Windows XP and is upgraded to version 2.0 the following error message will be seen:
'The software you are installing for this hardware: ? has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP'.
The operating system is generating this error incorrectly. The Intel Application Accelerator has passed Windows Logo testing. The error will not be reported if version 1.1.2 of Intel Application Accelerator is uninstalled before upgrading to version 2.0.
When this error message appears, choose 'continue' to proceed with the installation. After installation, Intel Application Accelerator will correctly show as signed in Device Manager.
Intel is working with Microsoft to resolve this issue.
The utility supports the following chipsets:
Intel 810 Chipset
Intel 810E Chipset
Intel 810E2 Chipset
Intel 815 Chipset
Intel 815E Chipset
Intel 815EP Chipset
Intel 815P Chipset
Intel 820 Chipset
Intel 820E Chipset
Intel 840 Chipset
Intel 845 Chipset
Intel 850 Chipset
Intel 860 Chipset
Grab it here.http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df/Detail_Desc.asp?ProductID=663&DwnldID=3887

Zonelabs has released version 3.0.070 Beta of ZoneAlarm Pro. The new beta has the following changes:
Various BSODs encountered when running certain applications BSOD with win 2k sp2 Intermittent crash when arrowing on listviews Intermittent crash and reboot Microsoft VPN client not working Reported cases where user cannot establish PPPoE ADSL connection on 9x with ZoneAlarm Pro running Windows update not working properly Various spelling errors Listview sizing not optimized Occasional display problem in Win XP after start- up GetRight application not working properly Many more fixes
Go here to Download.http://fileforum.betanews.com/download.php3?fid=950641404

Microsoft is set to release Service Release 1 of Visio 2002 on February 19. Two different patches will be available: one for the standard version (22MB) and one for the professional version (41MB).

Active Network Monitor 1.0 Beta 2 is out. To let everyone in on what this is check below:
Active Network Monitor is a tool for the day-to-day monitoring of computers on a network. It lets Systems Administrators gather information from every computer on the network without installing server-side applications on any of these computers. ANM's centralized network monitoring interface makes it easy for you to monitor the entire network. Installed on one computer, ANM's powerful technology stores and compares its received data. Administrators can monitor every important parameter on their remote computers, and take snapshots of the systems and network status for future comparisons and change tracking.
Active Network Monitor has a flexible, plug-in based architecture that lets you add new modules on demand. Each plug-in performs a task and displays its information in its own window. ANM ships with a predefined, constantly growing list of plug-ins, including plug-ins for monitoring services, devices, installed applications, disks, shared resources, hardware resources (IRQs, I/O, DMA and Memory), users, local groups, global groups and so on.
This is what's new:
Fixed bug that prevents scan of the network from some Windows XP systems
Fixed bug in the Hardware Resources plug-in
Added the progress bar for lengthy operations (open, save and compare large files)
Grab it here.http://fileforum.betanews.com/download.php3?fid=1012226661

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