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18-02-2002, 11:43 AM
Hi All
i am running a 233mz Pent 11 with 256mg Ram.
I have had to replace my HDrive recently as it died,because of cost restraints I have replaced a 4 gig drive with a 2 gig drive,now I have also just aquired a Zip drive and would like to backup settings for email, docs etc..I am running photoshop and office mainly.
any quick way of doing this would be most helpful and which files etc.. in case this (second hand drive) should die on me.
Thanks in advance

19-02-2002, 09:48 PM
With that much ram, you could use a ram drive.

But seriously:

In terms of medium, zip is not usually big enough and can be really slow.

CDR or CDRW is reasonable, relatively permanent, faster than zip, and bigger. Media is way cheaper (especially CDR). If you need to backup less than 700Mb, then works well and has other uses as well. Easy to restore on other machines, too.

Beyond that, DAT is not cheap hardware-wise, costs a bit for the tapes (although DDS-2 is cheap now). Goes up to about 8Gb, though, good for business use.

DLT is way too pricey, goes way bigger, tapes are expensive. Supposedly lasts longer than DAT and more reliable.

Then, you need some backup software. I like backup exec, but might need to use supplied software for CDR.

hope this helps, Keith.


19-02-2002, 10:59 PM
Thanks Robo but as you can see by my post I just aint got the do ra me for that sort of excercise,I really should just do a search on how and which files to backup in the tips section.
Thanks anyway for your response.