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16-02-2002, 10:59 AM
I recently had my drive formatted and all the old data etc was backed up to a file called old stuff. Having reinstated everything I am now looking for the Emails I had in Ie but can't find them. Any ideas on where they may be stored?

16-02-2002, 11:22 AM
Did you do the formatting, or somebody else? Emails have to be specifically saved from their folder under Windows, so if this wasn't done, then you'll have lost them altogether. Check with the person who formatted whether they saved your emails.

16-02-2002, 11:33 AM

What email client are you using, and was your data backed up by an experienced computer tech?

Whether or not you can recover your emails will depend on whether the correct files were backed up.

Outlook stores them all in a file called outlook.pst or [your name].pst if you customised it.

Outlook express stores the data in several dbx files, all of which are needed if you want your address book back etc.

If your C:/windows/application data folder was backed up then you are home and dry. This topic has been covered several times in Press F1 so go to the top of the page, select Press F1 as your search location and enter .dbx as your search term. All will be revealed.


Billy 8-{)

16-02-2002, 11:36 AM
Thanks for getting back Mike. No I didn't do the back up or the formatting. It was done at The PC Co. I asked if they could clone the drive to my other drive (I've got 2 installed) but they said there wasn't enough space in any of the partitions so they copied the drive with all it's contents into a folder they named old stuff. It would appear they copied everything though programs and all, but I don't know where Emails are stored anyway.

Regards. Richard

16-02-2002, 11:47 AM
What OS were you using that was backed up?
If it was 98 or ME your emails should be in a folder found in:

Windows>Application Data>Identities>then a folder named with a whole heap of numbers & letters>Microsoft>Outlook Express.

Inside this folder will be all your old Inbox, Outbox, Sent items etc.

If the person who backed up your old drive didn't back up the whole drive and only selected items, look for a folder by any of the above names.

Once you have found Inbox.dbx copy & paste it into your current folder. Found the same way as I describe above. If you already have new emails in the new folder that you want to save you will have to export them to a text file 1st or you will lose them when you do the copy & paste. One thing to watch, When you do the copy & paste it may rename the old Inbox.dbx to Inbox(1).dbx if it does this you will need to delete the new one & rename the old one.

There is probably an easier way than this but I haven't found it yet. I have tried exporting & importing in the past with no luck.

Someone may have an easier way.Hope you can understand this. (not sure i have explained it very well)


16-02-2002, 02:17 PM
Thanks to all those people who responded to my rqst 4 help in finding and restoring my missing Email.
Regards. Richard