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14-02-2002, 02:17 PM
I'm going to pick up a second
hand hard drivesoon,about 1.2
Gb,to replace the 546Mb with 7 bad sectors and I would like to update to win98se at the same time then take the bits and pieces out of my old one that I still need.Is this a relatively simple task?I'm thinking its just a matter of taking out the hard drive and putting in the new(ish) one and then loading the 98 os and then slaving in the old drive to retrieve what I want.Any help would be appreciated.
P.S.I've put in new cards but thats about all and taken out cpu's and ram,taken them for a drive,and then put them back in.

14-02-2002, 03:20 PM
There should be no problem --- it's not a technology change as a 40GB disk might be.

Just watch the jumpering ... the new 1.2 should be 'master', and the 546 be 'slave'. There is sometimes a choice of 'master with no slave'/'master with slave', so in that case either be prepared to rejumper the 1.2 drive after the transfer or connect the 546 as slave on the secondary IDE interface.

Otherwise, just the usual antistatic precautions and care with which way up the cables go. (It IS possible to get a power cable upside down. Not easy, but possible, and expensive). Inverted IDE cables just mean it won't work, but normally cause no damage.

14-02-2002, 07:48 PM
I wouldn't buy a second hand 1.2GB drive, it won't be much younger than your old drive and you will soon run out of disk space.

I'd go for a 4.3GB or 10GB drive, you won't pay much more and you get a newer drive with much more capacity to play with. You can also partition a larger (10GB) drive into C & D drives which lets you separate programs & data. This facilitates reinstalling your OS if necessary, though I never do that myself, I keep a ghost image of the full OS & program installation and drop it back onto the disk if I think it is misbehaving. Much quicker and easier than reformatting and reinstalling everything.


Billy 8-{)

14-02-2002, 10:29 PM
Thing is I'm not using it as my main computer but just a browser thing and downloader etc so I don't need a huge amount of hard drive space.I thought,given the age of this PC,that architectures change so I'm only able to go to 1.2 or so.Haven't been in it for a while but remember that the cpu was a pentium pro.