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14-02-2002, 01:12 PM
Hope you can understand the following & assist.
I have windows media player 6.1 on my computer. I have trouble listening/viewing some avi & mp3 files yet media player supports these files.
On your August 2001 free CD you have windows media player 7.1 available for download. I know this is compatible with windows 98 & was wondering if I downloaded, would it alleviate my problems? I have little free space on my hard drive & was also wondering how much larger 7.1 is in comparison to 6.1?
I also want to check out the procedure:
Do I remove media player 6.1 off my computer 1st then download 7.1?
If I download off your CD is it automatically stored to the same folder as 6.1 or do I have to do it manually?
Is there an know 'bugs' in the version on your CD?
Please don't just send me to microsoft.com as spent a number of hours surfing their site to find the answers to some of the above to no avail, I ended up with more questions & even less confidence in my ability/knowledge to sort out my wee problem.
Hope you can help.

14-02-2002, 02:27 PM
i would use use winamp or similar mp3 player rather than MP. if you are still having probs with the mp3's then i suspect you have hardware or codec probs.

what sort of system do you have? if its on the slow side i would stick to mp6.4. 7.1 will run at a crawl. you will need to get the MP7 codecs and any other codec that those avi movies require eg divx.

a little bit more info on what the problems are would be handy.

14-02-2002, 02:29 PM
Hi Debs,

Media player 6.1 *should* be able to play .avi and .mp3 files, but you may need to download and install a 'codec' or two to be able to play them. Codecs are used by player programs like Media player to help them recognise the file and be able to play it - often they don't play them by default.

A good site to look at for information about viewing .avi files, and to download a codec for this, is www.divx.com - look for a link to download a 'divx codec'. You don't need to download the players too, because once the codec is installed, Media player should be able to play them fine. You might also be able to find a codec for MP3 files at this site, although if you can't, you could do a Google search for 'mp3 codec' and see what it comes up with.

I hope this helps,


14-02-2002, 05:21 PM
Thanks mike, another bloody learning curve!
According to the site you recommended I visit, the 6.4 version of media player is the minimum requirement. So still have'nt rectified the problem but lear'nt a little about how media player works.
Will return to microsoft.com & learn about the compatability of 6.4 with my computer!