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14-02-2002, 09:59 AM
I am thinking of updating to Internet Explorer 6 I have a Hp Pavillion with windows me can anyone tell me the pros and cons of this IE6 as i have heard some people did have hassles any help would be welcome

14-02-2002, 11:00 PM
Personally, I give it the thumbs up. The first pro is with every new release of IE, extra security measures are included by default & we all know how vulnerable Microsoft software is. A big plus is the option set by default to resize images to fit the screen. If a friend sends you a picture & you open it in IE, older versions used to display it in full size & you had to scroll sometimes for ages to see it. Not any more. If your processor & memory are up to it, I'd say go ahead & upgrade. If your machine is handling IE5.5 well, it will handle IE6 easily. There are a few cosmetic changes, but other than that, the core of IE6 is basically the same as IE5.5, but with a few enhancements.

15-02-2002, 10:01 AM
My os is 98se and have been running 6.0 for some time now, with now problems at all.
It may be a smidge slower than 5.5, but its loading of web pages, may be a bit smoother. Its security system is a little better also.

One thing worth doing if you do decide to upgrade to 6.0, is before downloading, be sure to disable your antivirus system, as this can cause glitches.
good luck,