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13-02-2002, 09:47 PM
My trial version of Norton anti-virus software expired yesterday so I bought Norton Internet Security 2002. I've installed it with no trouble at all, but when I try and register it, nothing is happening. It came up with a Please Register Norton Internet Security box, so I clicked on the 'next' box but it has been showing a progress report that is 'connecting' since 8pm. I've tried changing it from dial-up to secure internet connection but that option just says it is unable to register. Under the product list it has Norton Internet Security 2002 and Norton AntiVirus (OEM) 2001 which I thought I had uninstalled. Can anyone give me advice on how to register these products? Does it take an age (am I just being impatient!) or is something going wrong? Thanks for any responses.

13-02-2002, 10:20 PM
I just went in and had another try at registering. This time I clicked on the postal option and voila! All of a sudden I had serial numbers, and a fax/post form printed off with all the details on it. So thanks to all of you who may open this with the intention of helping - amazingly, I've managed to solve my own problem! (The first and most probably the last time!)

13-02-2002, 10:47 PM
LOL Faye.

As they say:

'Press F1... we help you to help yourself.'

Very appropriate.