View Full Version : Multiple versions of program in taskbar

13-02-2002, 07:00 AM
When a prog such as Word 2000 is first opened a button appears in the Taskbar in Win 98. When I open another doc within Word a new button appears on the taskbar, as if another instance of Word was opened. When Word is subsequently closed I am always prompted to save changes to the Normal template, even if no changes were apparently made. It is the same with Excel 2000.

13-02-2002, 05:09 PM
To force Word and Excel to open new files in the window currently running, click on View in Windows Explorer, then under the File Types tab scroll down until you see Microsoft Word document. Click once on the icon then on the Edit button. In that dialogue box put a tick in the 'Browse in same window' checkbox then click OK.

Do the same for Microsoft Excel Worksheet.

To stop Word prompting you to save changes, open up Word, click on Tools, Options and under the Save tab make sure there is no tick in 'Prompt to save Normal template'. Click on OK and you're done.

Hopefully all your woes will now vanish.

15-02-2002, 10:07 AM
Thanks Susan. Unfortunately the setting in Explorer was already set as you suggested (perhaps a registry change is required?). Again thanks but, I was aware of the 'save normal template' switch in Options. The point with the Normal template is that I open Word, then close it immediately and yet still get the 'Changes in normal template' message.