View Full Version : Maximum Hard Drive?

12-02-2002, 11:28 PM
I have a socket 7 motherboard, Octek Rhino 5. Can someone please tell me what is the maximum hard drive capacity this motherboard can handle. Also can someone tell me how to determine my ram type as i'm looking to upgrade. I'm not sure if i have edo or fastpage type ram.

13-02-2002, 04:36 PM
Memory: You can identify EDO vs 'standard' SIMMS by reading the type numbers of the chips. Example: standard 8M SIMM (with 16 chips) - chip NN514400AJ-60 / EDO (16 chip) - chip 514405 or (possibly 8 chip) 544405.
Another brand had 7117400 chips for standard and 71174403 for EDO. Another 551440 for standard, 514405 for EDO.

These are from: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~gyra/ramident.htm

Disk: I don't think that the motherboard will actually have a limit on size. What will affect it is what IDE interface it has. The most modern disks will be faster, use different IDE modes, and the biggest might not run on your interface. I don't know how backwards compatible they are. If you have trouble, you can probably get a PCI plugin IDE interface and disable the
motherboard one. This raises the point of at what point do you upgrade the motherboard. I'm all for keeping old stuff, but I don't spend much money on new stuff! Others might say junk it ... you won't be able to put enough memory on it to run the most modern software ... 96 MB is not really enough.