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11-02-2002, 08:25 PM
The screen has assumed a graduated display. At the bottom, print size is 10, at the top print size 18. How can this be rectified, please ?

12-02-2002, 12:32 AM

Is this effect just confined to text or are all images compressed at the top and stretched at the bottom?

Also, does the display fill the screen normally, when did it start and have you been doing anything with your video display card or monitor drivers?


Billy 8-{)

12-02-2002, 09:34 AM
Hello Billy - T
All images are compressed at the bottom and stretched at the top.
The display fills the screen normally.
The problem started after a screen saver file was downloaded. As far as I am aware, neither the video card nor the display drivers were user altered.
Thanks and best wishes.