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10-02-2002, 10:59 PM
gidday all...
recently my computer has started rebooting when i do certain things.

I recently downloaded the latest icq and tried installing it.. when the installwise wizard got to a certain point, it with out warnign, or prompting rebooted my computer... i tried it several times and it just did the same thing so i had to give up and revert to the old version..
also, it reboots when i use the previously faultlessly performing scanning package called iphoto express..

If i scan a photo then go to open it via paint or just from usign the find file feature of windows, and double clicking on the file name, it reboots the whole computer when pain or iphoto or whatever is loading the pic as before, with no warning or prompting.
but ive noticed it lets me open files that are reasonably small ok.. as in say 100k or less... but over that it just wants to reboot.
There is also another funny quirk that might somehow be relavent... I scan a photo, and it is listed as 24 MB sized file in iphoto, but in the find file listing , under the properties listing of the file its just a 200k sized file..

I get the feeling it will reboot when ever it does something aht requires a bit of memory..

what the hell is going on?

machine details:

Pentium 2 266 160 MB ram
s3 virge 325 vid card
win 98
regularly virus checked with up to date virus prog
4.3 GB hard disk with about 2 MB used..
no history of such problems

any help appreciated..
thanks... H

11-02-2002, 12:47 PM
Try uninstalling all ICQ's, since that was where it started, I presume you keep windows updated?

11-02-2002, 06:37 PM
Look to me like a memory problem.

With 160MB, you probably have a 128MB and a 32MB stick.

You might be only able to remove the 32MB and still start W98, so that one(by Murphy's law) will be perfectly OK.

If you can afford another 128MB stick,( or a 256MB if your board will handle it) you could replace the 128MB and see if the crashes go away. If so, your computer is fixed. If not ... at the worst your computer will go better when the problem *is* fixed.

(Removing and replacing memory requires *care*. Do not touch the gold or tin contacts on the module. Always power down. Touch the bare metal inside the computer case before picking up the module. Look carefully at which way the modules are fitted in the sockets -- they are not symmetrical.Thre are clips at each end which pull outwards to release the module. )

13-02-2002, 05:42 PM
OK... WELL THANKS FOR THE ADVICE guys.. memory problems you say? well i have replaced some modules ( taking all electrostatic precautions) about three months ago... and this problem has really only started int eh last couple of weeks..
also another strange quirk to the problem is that i sent one of hte photos that i had scanned (the one that made my comp reboot when i opened it) to someone else, and it did the same thing to them..
To me this kind of lowers the chance of it beign a memory module problem.. although it doesnt eliminate it.

Ive scanned the pics for some kind of infection using the latest avg virus scanner update, but there is nothing suspicious...

also it reboots when it gets part way though the defragging process too..

15-02-2002, 03:41 PM
OK ... something is wrong with that file. A graphics file has an internal header which tells programmes how to handle it. If a programme says that the file is 24MB, and the system (which has counted the bytes, not calculated the size) says it is 200kB something went wrong in the programme which created it(unless the programme tells you the full (raw) size, but stores in a compressed form).

Even so, it should not crash the programme, let alone cause the system to reboot. That's what makes me suspect memory.

That failed installation of ICQ may have clouted iphoto ... I would remove and reinstall that programme anyway.

What are: the resolution/colour depth/size/file type of the nasty file?

15-02-2002, 05:32 PM
Just noticed the tail about rebooting in defrag. Oh dear. You *are* doing this in Safe Mode or from DOS? Does a 'scandisk' from DOS work?