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10-02-2002, 05:45 PM
Well here I am again getting more and more frustrated with what I am trying to do.

I couple of weeks ago people helped me with transferring scanned pages to a Word doc and that is now fine.

So I even managed to use the index option in Microsoft word - Great.

Then when I opened the file this morning my inserted, scanned photographs had disappeared - why.

I went to the help paperclip and made sure that my place holding box was unticked, and Drawings ticked etc.

I even did a test inserting pictures and saving the file and reopening etc.etc.

Is it because the scanned picture is still not in the system? i.e. I closed the computer down and then reopened the file and hence any temp files that are 'holding' the images have disappeared?

Do I have to have the pictures in a file to enable them to be shown on the word page?

If so as I am trying to copy the pages of this book and also the photographs I have scanned does that mean I have to save the images in a seperate file which is also saved to enable the word programme to link with the images?


10-02-2002, 06:07 PM
That is strange. The picture is stored on the document, you don't need an external link to it or for the picture to even exist on the system as the document can hold it.

Are you positive you saved it? Are you positive it's the correct document your opening and it's not stored somewhere else with a similar name?

What version of Office or Word are you using? You might need updates as it could be a problem they had.

How did the test go?

10-02-2002, 08:37 PM
Yes I agree it seemed strange as in the past I have done documents with pictures inserted and not a problem.

However I was sorting out an index for the document and wondered if in doing that I had changed something in the save mode etc. Who knows.

At present I have rescanned the photos and stored them in a sub folder of the word document folder in the hope that will at least enable me to carry on.

I am using Office Professinal 97 with ME operating system and the Omipage OCR for the docs and Archsoft with a Canon scanner.

So unless someone has any ideas I will keep with this sub folder being linked to the word document.