View Full Version : CD-ROM Drive installtion blues!!!

20-05-1999, 10:41 AM
Hi-ho all,

Problem - can't install a CD-ROM drive on a 486.

Specs - 486 DX2 100, 16MB ram computer
- Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM drive
- CD-side ATAPI Adapter (that's what it says on the adapter - which was purchased separately)

I have downloaded the applicable drivers from the Mitsumi website and they work fine, it just can't find the drive or the interface. I was initially going to install the CD-Drive as a slave to the hard drive but there are no jumpers on the CD-Drive and so the 2 drives fight for supremacy.

The interface card has a jumper that can be set to IRQ 12 or IRQ 15 - neither setting helps. When the driver loads in DOS it comes up with: No 'CD-ROM Drive found, drivers not loaded' and Windows doesn't want to detect it no matter what I tell it!!! - HELP!!!

Muchly appreciated,