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20-05-1999, 09:53 AM
I have 2 486's networked together via 10-base-t utp. Both machines are running on dos6.22 and windows 3.11.

The primary machine has 32Meg ram, 4Gig HDD (partioned c & d),printer, modem and all the multimedia whistles & bells. This is the workhourse machine.
The secondary machine has 12Meg ram, 545Meg HDD and mono screen only and is used only for hot bootable backup.

I would like to access my inertnet account from the secondary
machine via my modem and software on my primary machine. I can activate the software (tcp/ip, pegasus & netscape 4.05) from the secondary but tcp/ip can not find the modem.
I can't seem to find anything relevant in network, or windows setup and can't seem to share the modem like the printer.
Can you help please.

Signed, Phil H.